Win in DeFi, Cheers with Mojito.

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  • Community Driven

    MojitoSwap is the first community initiated and driven decentralized exchange on KCC, and will gradually become community owned through DAO.

  • Fabulous User Experience

    MojitoSwap is going to be a decentralized exchange with the most comprehensive token listing, best liquidity and ROI.

  • More on Defi projects

    We are not just going to hold on to what we have right now, but to explore in various arenas and come up with innovative and cutting edge defi products. For instance, mining, lending and some exciting undisclosed features are coming up. Stay tuned!

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1.What is MojitoSwap?
MojitoSwap is the first audited decentralized exchange that comes with Automated Market Maker and a high APR. It provides users a safe environment for their assets and a place (we call them pool and bar) to potentially yield a high return.
2.How much is the transaction fee on MojitoSwap?
The transaction fee on MojitoSwap is 0.3% (0.18% for LP token, 0.08% for repurchasing and burning, 0.04% for MJT treasury)
3.How may I participate in airdrops?
Because MojitoSwap is a project driven by community, it is not going to do fundraising.
If users have completed at least 10 transactions before the height of KCC block reaches 2,080,000, they may get MJT airdrops on their Mojito home page.
4.How can I get MJT?
Because MojitoSwap is a decentralized exchange running on KCC, we will airdrop some MJT for KCCers when Mojito launches. Users can Swap, farm or join Mojito pools to win more MJT. Come join us!
5.How do I Farm(Bar)?
Bars are just like Farms on Dex. Users can use their Lp-tokens to invest in your Favourite Bar. Just win and cheers!
6.Is MojitoSwap safe? Has MojitoSwap been Audited?

Our contract was audited by PeckShield.You can check out by yourself:

MojitoSwap Audit Report: